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Yuichi Tanaka was born on April 19, 1982 in Chiba, Japan.
He spent his childhood in Heidelberg, Germany.
At the age of 14, he started playing guitar, and composition.
He was inspired by rock, blues, and pop musicians.

In April, 1998, he entered "Chiba Prefectural Chiba Senior High School".
During at the high school, he joined to a classical guitar club and a rock music club.
From those days, he formed the band which performs his compositions, and he began musical activities in Chiba, Japan.
Taking advantage of performance at event which the rock bar at Chiba sponsored, his band was invited to the event on which prominent Japanese musicians appear.

In March, 2001, he graduated from "Chiba Prefectural Chiba Senior High School".
In April, 2001, he entered the department of the Chuo University department of science and engineering civil engineering.

He gave himself up to Jazz music( it is theoretical and sensuous ), after college admission.
He studied Jazz Guitar and Harmony with Motohiko Ichino, Daisuke Abe, and Satoshi Inoue.
During a college student's period, he began performance at the jazz club, bar, cafe, restaurant, rock bar etc... in Tokyo.
And he began offering musicians musical pieces, and the guitar teacher.

In March, 2005, he graduated from the department of the Chuo University department of science and engineering civil engineering.

Now, he is pursuing original sound by his own compositions. And also he is working focusing on a performance in Tokyo.
He receives the offer of the sales promotion about his composition(but unsigned), and his compositions are being well received by an online music distribution site all over the world(including iTunes).

In 2008, CD"Chronicle" produced with the guitar duo by he and Yasuhisa Kogawa(He is a composer, arranger, and Jazz guitarist.) received the high appraisal from each music magazine, and received the review from all over the world.

In 2010, he studied Music with Adam Rogers, Mike Moreno, Steve Khan, Gilad Hekselman, Lage Lund, Jonathan Kreisberg, Mike Stern, John Hart, John Abercrombie, Peter Bernstein in New York, with Bruce Saunders, David Fiuczynski, Jon Damian, Hal Crook in Boston.
And he played many music with a lot of musicians in U.S.A, and he tried to improve of himself.

Moreover, he is a sponsor of "Yuichi Tanaka guitar school (in Tokyo, Japan.)", and he is a lecturer who teaches many hundreds of person in total, and always tens of people.
Further more, he has a course in the university, the circle, and the art space.

And also he is playing an active part in many fields, besides Jazz.
( Composition and Arrangement of popular music, and Literary activity, etc... )